Recent Publications
‘Monitoring of water quality in greater Dhaka watershed’ –  a World Bank Project.

Water quality of six major rivers flowing around the Dhaka city were
classified into five different groups for designated water use such as
drinking water supply, agriculture, fisheries, industrial use and
recreational purpose. This water quality classification is absolutely
necessary for future water management.

Heavy metal contamination in food & drinking water in Bangladesh – a
FAO project.’

Arsenic, Cadmium, Chromium, Lead and Mercury were studied in rice grain,
potatoes, brinjals a as well as sweet water fish and drinking water.

Past Publications

Trace analysis of Melamine in powder milk

Trace analysis of Lead in button

Trace analysis of Selenium in human blood

Analysis of Dieythylene Glycol (DEG) in paracetamol syrup

Trace analysis of Heavy Metals in potable water

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